Freshman / Sophomore

Freshman Year

The freshman year of high school is a pivotal year for each and every student. It is the year students are exposed to many new and unfamiliar academic experiences. As students enter into their freshman year, each student will get the chance to sit down with their counselor within the first month of the school year. Some key concepts to highlight that will take place during the year are:

  • Building Rapport – affirming students
  • Aiding in Transition – socially, emotionally and academically
  • Periodic Academic Reviews
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Career Development (Explore Test)
  • Course Advisement: Building Sophomore Schedules

Sophomore Year

The counselor for Grade 10 will build on the student’s previous experience by:

  • Continuing to work on areas helpful to school success such as academic reviews, communication skills, study plans and test taking strategies – focusing specifically on the successful completion of the NYS Regents requirements
  • Assisting with the personal needs of the student.
  • Career Development (PLAN Test: Pre-test for ACT)
  • Career/College Exploration
  • Course Advisement: Building Junior Schedules – assisting in choosing courses appropriate for the students’ capabilities and goals

Tutoring Services

Bishop Kearney High School Counseling Office receives many inquiries from parents and students for information about tutoring programs. Listed below are the names and contact information of various companies that offer their services to students throughout the Rochester area. Please keep in mind that this is a partial list and serves only as possible suggestions. None of the programs listed are affiliated with or endorsed by Bishop Kearney High School.

Iglesia Services, Inc. (Rochester)

  • 436-3173 (Thurston Rd)
  • 254-2072 (Dewey Ave)

Sylvan Learning Center (Pittsford)

  • 385-9480

Professional Tutoring Service (Rochester)

  • 244-9155

Academic Achievement Center (Win-Jeff Plaza)

  • 315-6135