Come in to do research, study quietly, or simply peruse the volumes of fiction and nonfiction available to you. We are open from 7:30 am until 2:46 pm.

Below you will find what you need to do research, access information, or find a book to read, for research or just for pleasure:

To find PRINT (book) sources start at THE OPAC:

This is our online catalog! It will tell you all print and AV materials we own in the library at Bishop Kearney. It will also tell you if they are available for checkout or not. Click on the link above and it will take you to the search page. Enter in what you are looking for by topic in the subject line, or if you know the specific title or author you would like to look up, enter that in the title or author line. You will then see the list of print sources available to you. Write down the call number information and title of the source and give it to the librarian to direct you or help you find it.

To find PRINT sources outside of the Bishop Kearney Library, i.e. your local public library or other high school and college libraries search the following links:

Monroe County Library

This will search for your title or topic in every public library in Monroe County and give you the contact information for each site. Remember your library card!
Five Systems
This link will help you search holdings in member libraries in the Greater Rochester Area. It will connect you to school libraries throughout the area; however, to access these items you must check with your librarian. They are not readily available upon your search.
World Cat
This link will search holdings in all libraries in your community from high schools to universities and colleges locally and worldwide. However, availability to these holdings could be restricted depending upon location and access restrictions.

To find WEB sources use the Databases listed below:


This source is a family of databases spanning countless holdings of digitized magazines, journals, images, newspapers, and reference materials on wide-ranging topics – FULL TEXT included. Click on the link, enter the id and password (available in the library or on sharepoint—follow the arts tab), and it will take you to the list of available databases under Ebscohost Web. This page also includes the separate “stand alone” databases of Student Research and Points of View Reference Center (both valuable in of themselves). Under Ebscohost Web refine your search for the databases that will be of most use to you – MAS- Ultra School Edition and Humanities Source have the largest holdings for most of your needs. Remember always to refine for full-text only!

Issues & Controversies

A unique tool for understanding today’s crucial issues.  Each article presents both sides of an issue clearly and without bias.  Updated weekly, this resource presents the key facts, arguments, history, and current context of today’s most important issues–an ideal resource for research papers, debate preparation, and persuasive writing assignments.

Science Online

A unique up to date resource for all sciences.  Topics covered include:  Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Mathematics, Physics, Space and Astronomy, and Weather and Climate.  This resource includes video, interactive experiments, learning modules, diagrams, and key people biographies
Gale Group
This source contains many full-text databases on subjects ranging from Academic Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, New York State newspapers, Health Reference, Business and Company Resources.
Grolier’s Online Encyclopedia
General information on a wide variety of subjects much the same as reference holdings in print and many links to other web sites and related journal articles.
This contains newspaper, NYS newspapers and other resources. You will need your library card or a valid NYS license number to access this.
This is provided by PBS and is free instructional multimedia sources for NYS educators. Teachers can access the instructional videos for classroom use. The videos are standards aligned and many come with supporting resources.

The World Digital Library
This contains significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world in a multilingual format. Beyond primary source materials there are many supporting resources for educators, scholars, and the general audience.

Library Links