What is BKPA?


The Bishop Kearney Parents’Association (BKPA) is a parent-run organization that enhances the Kearney experience by building community among parents, faculty and administration. The Association serves the entire Bishop Kearney community.

Through its work, the BKPA:

  • Provides a source of information and a voice for and to the parent community
  • Promotes school spirit and encourages participation through volunteer opportunities, parent education programs, spiritual, social and sporting events
  • Supports the School’s mission, vision and strategic plan
  • Supports and initiates fundraising initiatives that augment BKPA and Bishop Kearney resources


  • BKPA seeks to:
  • Foster a sense of ownership among parents by maintaining a diverse board and an active membership which is reflective of the community
  • Sustain and continue to cultivate positive and productive relationships within the Association and with the greater Bishop Kearney community


BKPA believes that:

  • The Association has a necessary and important role in supporting a quality educational experience for our children
  • The Bishop Kearney community is strengthened and enriched by a high level of volunteerism
  • Every parent brings perspective and value to the BKPA
  • A shared understanding of BKPA goals and operations creates a spirit of cooperation and unity
  • As Bishop Kearney evolves, the BKPA must be relevant, proactive, adaptive and responsive

Committee Chairs and Descriptions

Sports Boosters

Chair – OPEN

The goal of the Sports Booster Organization is to provide assistance to our school and athletic teams. We assist in purchasing sports equipment, uniforms and assist teams with team camps along with any other critical needs. Team Parent Liaisons are part of our committee. In order for our organization to accomplish our goals, we do a lot of fund raising. We run concessions for fall and winter sports. We also run a calendar campaign and pie fund raiser annually.

Spiritual & Social

Chair – Rene` Onorato

As a family of faith at Bishop Kearney, this committee is an integral part of maintaining our school spirit. Members of this committee coordinate all social events and Masses for the Senior and Junior High School. Some examples of these events are Curriculum night, Junior Ring Ceremony, both the 8th grade and High School graduations and family Masses. Class Representatives are part of our committee. Our goal is to promote a cohesive, loving environment based on friendship and great food!

Special Projects & Fundraising

Chair – Bill Pine

Fundraising is a necessity for the survival of every Catholic school.  Fundraising members work both in supportive and independent roles under the direction of the President of BKPA. This team assists with student and school initiatives and promotes new opportunities for parents and students to supplement your tuition dollars. All money raised through BKPA sponsored events is invested in the School, supporting student programs, community events and assisting with building and grounds improvements. “FUN”draising is not solely to raise money, our team embellishes small opportunities that bring our community together to strengthen the bonds of family and friendship within the spirit of Bishop Kearney High School.

Special Projects is charged with bringing together Bishop Kearney students, families, and alumni to participate in special events and projects that benefit the School and the community. These projects include Bishop Kearney’s Day of Caring., Habitat for Humanity, and Bishop Kearney’s Annual Clean up Day. The Bishop Kearney family is committed to supporting our community while exposing students to the value of volunteerism.


Chair – Tokeya Grahm

The Communications committee is responsible with spreading the word about BKPA sponsored events and fundraising. Activities include preparing the BKPA newsletter and posting BKPA information on Sharepoint. We ask that, as parents take pictures of their student’s academic and sports activities, they share these with us for the newsletter. Any stories about BK parent involvement with the school can be emailed to Pam for inclusion in the newsletter.