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It’s Good to be a King!

December 23, 2017

What’s it like to be a Bishop Kearney King?

Contact our admissions office today to set up a shadow day or tour (email: or call 342-4000×246).

Video Christmas Card

December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas from our students at Bishop Kearney!

Bishop Kearney (grades 6-12) will re-open for classes on Tuesday January 2, 2018.  Safe travels to all of our students across the country and around the world who are traveling back to Bishop Kearney.

Service above self at BK

December 20, 2017

BK students perform thousands of hours of service

At Bishop Kearney, our mission is to develop the mind, body, and heart of every student. While a Bishop Kearney education will develop a student’s intellect and academic talents, we also know that being a Kearney student will empower them with a greater sense of purpose. In essence, every Kearney student throughout the school year is engaged in meaningful opportunities to positively impact those in our society that have been marginalized by poverty and injustice. These experiences allow our students to live their faith and give their time, treasure, and talent to those who are less fortunate.

Bishop Kearney students performed over 5,000 hours of community service in November and December delivering gift baskets, wrapping presents, collecting food/clothing, and donating thousands of items to those in need during the holiday.  These experiences empowered our students to have a greater sense of purpose and it brought happiness and comfort to the poor, sick, elderly, and most fragile members of our community.




May 5, 2017


Bishop Kearney students gathered today as a school community for a special mass today in honor of Blessed Edmund Rice. May 5th is the feast day of Edmund Rice who was declared “Blessed” by Pope John Paul II on October 6, 1996 in Rome and is recognized as a man of heroic virtue and a model for others.

Edmund Ignatius Rice (1762-1844) founded the Congregation of Christian Brothers in 1802 in Waterford, Ireland, in order to provide quality, Catholic education to the materially poor. He heard God’s call in the poor, uneducated, marginalized young boys of Ireland. Edmund Rice began to establish Catholic schools, although such schools were illegal at that time. He took in the boys everyone else had given up on. It did not take long for him to realize that he must attend to all the needs of the boys — food, clothing, and housing.


Edmund gave up his comfortable home for a room above the stable which served as his first school. He supported the venture financially by the profits from his business. Other young men, impressed by his example, joined him in his service to the poor. His first permanent school building, Mt. Sion, included a tailor shop and bakery so that the students might also be fed and clothed.

By the end of the nineteenth century the Congregation had grown steadily in membership and Brothers had moved to many different countries around the world. The first Brothers came to Newfoundland in 1876 and to the United States in 1906. During the twentieth century the Brothers expanded throughout Canada and the United States and opened schools and ministries in many cities and towns. The Congregation of Christian Brothers has successfully provided this education for almost two hundred years in 250 schools and colleges throughout the world. Over fifty years since Bishop Kearney opened in 1962,  Bishop Kearney continues to offer  educational opportunities for students in grades 6-12 in the tradition of the Congregation of Christian Brothers and School Sisters of Notre Dame.

blessed edmund

DO THE RIGHT THING: BK Student Wins Award for Volunteer Work

May 4, 2017

Zoe Ferraro, an 11th grader from Bishop Kearney High School, won the Do the Right Thing Award. She was honored at a ceremony in downtown Rochester and featured on Channel 10’s evening news.

Zoe Ferraro has volunteered at the holiday food pantry at Our Lady of Americas Church. She has set up fundraising for the March of Dimes. Zoe has also volunteered for Clean Sweep and Greentopia Rochester. Zoe’s vice principal nominated her because of her selfless service to others.

“What we do there, we show inner city kids how to tend gardens and bouquets and fun stuff. Clean Sweep is the same thing,” she says. “Cleaning up Rochester and giving back to our environment because its our home and make it look it presentable and nice to live in.”

 Zoe holds a 91% grade point average. She is also a member of her school’s indoor and outdoor track teams and the cross country team. Zoe performs in the school’s theater program and is a role model for younger students. She truly lives out the Bishop Kearney school motto “Do All Things Well”.