Work Study Program

Program Description

Bishop Kearney – A Golisano Education Partner is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps makes private, college preparatory education affordable for young men and women in the Greater Rochester area.  A very talented and diverse group, students from our senior class have the opportunity to work at entry level positions to assist in offsetting the cost of their tuition.  As a result, our students have an opportunity to acquire real work experience, marketable and transferable skills and an exposure to a variety of career opportunities all while increasing the self-esteem of the individual student.  This program provides our young people the opportunity to build a more solid foundation for, not only our young people, but for our community as a whole as well.

How it Works

Combining job sharing and a team approach to working, businesses may contract with Bishop Kearney’s Work Study Program to outsource part-time, entry level positions for  a fee.  The types of jobs include; general office support, mail room services, scanning, archiving, filing, data entry, document preparation, help desk support, reception, etc.  This program can make a big difference in the lives of our young people and in the Greater Rochester Community as well.  As the program grows, we will see the workers of today become the employers of tomorrow!

Program Benefits for the Business Partner

  • Relieves busy employees of low level work and allows your company to get work done that no one has time to do
  • Helps the company operate more effectively and efficiently which allows for improved customer service
  • Huge impact on employee morale – the staff sees their employer being committed to the community and taking part in a program that has a major impact on the community
  • Business as a community partner – because your company hires students, more urban young people will be able to complete high school and go to college
  • Provides supervisory opportunities to employees, some of which will be a first time supervisor
  • Diversifies the workforce
  • Training the workforce of the future . . . Allows the company to build partnerships with future employees, customers and suppliers

Current Program Business Partners