Shadow Visits

Bishop Kearney Shadow Program

King for a Day!

It’s good to be a King! This is a program designed for prospective students to spend a day at Bishop Kearney to learn more about our wonderful school. A Bishop Kearney Student Ambassador will guide the prospective student to classes, lunch and give a tour of the building, all while answering any questions the prospective student may have.

6th grade music class Sept 2015       7th grade girls

To Schedule a Shadow Day

Arrange a day off from your child’s current school. (Ideally your child will visit when their current school has a scheduled day off and Bishop Kearney is in session.)

Shadow days are by appointment only.  Contact our Admissions Director, Fred Tillinghast by email at or at 585-342-4000 x 246.

You can request a Bishop Kearney student to shadow if you know someone who currently attends. If you do not know a current Bishop Kearney student, please give us a sense of your child’s interests.

Your child’s shadow day will begin at 8:45 a.m. and will end at 2:30 p.m.  Your child should meet the Admissions Director and his/her guide in the main office at 8:45 a.m.

Visitors should wear dress pants, a button down shirt, or sweater and dress shoes.

Visitors and their guide will receive a lunch voucher in the amount of $7.00 to use in the cafeteria. Bishop Kearney’s lunch is made fresh everyday by our Executive Chef and his team that provide over a dozen daily menu options  as well as providing dinner every night in our dorm to 40 students from 17 U.S. states and several foreign countries.

Your child will meet you back in the main office at 2:30 pm for pickup.

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