Carm Urzetta Scholarship Fund

In 2013, Mr. Urzetta created a scholarship fund to help students with financial need. Since then, he has raised more than $153,000 from alumni and friends like you. These gifts have provided financial aid to a variety of students. Many of them would not have been able to graduate had it not been for that additional support.

Mr. Urzetta makes sure these students are working hard and keeping their grades where they need to be.

In honor of Carm’s achievements and his 54th year at Bishop Kearney, we have set our sights high to raise $54,000 in 2018 for the Carm Urzetta Scholarship Fund. 

So far, we are at $45,000 and, on our way, to set a record!

Thank you to Joe Markiewicz ’80 and Frank Fiannaca ’81 for kicking off the campaign by each making a $10,000 matching gift!

We need YOU to help Carm make his goal.

Make your gift online today to honor a man who has dedicated his life to helping kids have an opportunity to succeed:

Please indicate in the comment box that your gift is for the Carm Urzetta Scholarship Fund.

If you are unable to attend the game or happy hour, please send in your well wishes for Carm by contacting, Melanie Barnas-Simmons, at or 585-342-4000 ext. 202.  We will put those notes together and present to Carm on your behalf.