NCAA Eligibility Center

Does your student want to play sports at a Division I or Division II college? In order to be eligible to play, they must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. This organization establishes rules on athletic eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid. Forms for the NCAA clearinghouse are located online at

The NCAA Eligibility Center recently launched a website specifically dedicated to educating students and parents about the new NCAA Division I eligibility standards for 2016 and beyond. Visit

It is very important that students who are interested in playing at a DI or DII school focus on keeping their grades up beginning their freshman year. No matter how athletically talented they may be, if they do not meet the academic eligibility requirements they will not be able to play at the collegiate level.

If you or your student is approached by a college coach for recruitment, your counselors would be happy to help you navigate the process. Recruiting and eligibility, combined with the college application process, can be overwhelming for both students and parents. Your counselor is here to help!