House System

At Bishop Kearney we are proud to celebrate our House System. These systems are common in England and Australia schools, and have been successfully utilized to build school spirit and create social bonding among students. Every Bishop Kearney student, employee, and even our alumni are placed into one of the four Bishop Kearney Houses:

Avonmore, Bayern, Castlebar, and O’Dea

Students will remain with their house for their entire time that they are at Bishop Kearney. The overall goals of the Bishop Kearney House System are to:

• Allow all students to grow academically, spiritually, and socially
• Develop social bonds with classmates across grade levels and outside of traditional sport and club teams
• Provide mentoring opportunities for students that intentionally teach character development
• Promote 21st Century Skills including: critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and oral and written communication.

The Bishop Kearney House System also includes a formal mentoring block that will take place during the academic day. All students will meet with their mentor group twice a week for 25 minutes. Individual lessons within each unit will include team and community building, organization and time management, community service, and academic advising.

The Bishop Kearney House System promotes healthy competition through a point system that rewards positive behaviors.

Students can earn points for their house based on their academics, attendance, participating in social events, direct competitions between houses, and through random acts of kindness. The points are tallied each week and prominently displayed around the building. Each month and at the end of each quarter we will announce a winning House. At the end of the school year the team with the most points will be awarded the Bishop Kearney House Cup.

The Bishop Kearney House System also includes over 50 student leadership positions.  We are excited about the opportunities the House System allows for our students to reach their full potential socially, academically, and spiritually.