2019-2020 BK PARENT STUDENT HANDBOOK  The Bishop Kearney Parent-Student handbook  serves as an official source of school policies and requirements. It serves as a tool with which parents can support their students’ efforts and ensure their success. Consequently, it is imperative that parents read and become familiar with the material contained within.

Armed Forces Release Form This letter is an opt-out for recruitment for the U.S. Armed Forces.  If you would like to opt your son or daughter out from armed forces recruitment, please sign this form and return it to the main office by September 16th.

Bishop Kearney Community Service Hour Submission Form   Bishop Kearney students follow Christ’s example of helping the poor, sick, and needy in society by performing over 14,000 community service hours each year.

BKPTA Volunteer Form   The BKPA (BK Parents Association) is always looking for more parent involvement. If you would like to help make out school community the very best it can be, fill out this form and get involved today!

Student Parking Permit Application Students may drive to school and park in the designated area if their vehicle is properly registered with the school and if a valid tag is hung by the rear view mirror. Registration is $50.00 and must be completed in the main office by September 16th. To take advantage of this pass please complete this form and submit it to the main office.