3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Bishop Kearney / Camp Good Days Presents:

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3 ON 3 Tournament & 3 POINT CONTEST

When:        August 31st, 2014
Where:       Bishop Kearney High School (Parking Lot)
Who:          Age Groups Boys & Girls 10U, 12U, 14U 16U & 18U
Cost:          $125.00 per team – Before August 27th, 2014 (Max 4 players)
Time:         8:00 -9:00 AM -Registration (ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES) 9:00AM –TIP OFF!!

To Register: Click on the link and Print out Registration Form & Tournament Waiver.

Email or Mail entry forms to:


Kevin Goode
Men’s Varisty Basketball Coach
Bishop Kearney HS
125 S. Kings Highway
Rochester, NY 14617
Phone: 585-802-6515
Email: Kevin.Goode@rcsdk12.org

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• Teams are made up of 3 to 4 players with 3 players on the court at one time. All games must start with 3 players on each team. Teams may finish the game with 2 players.
• Substitutions are unlimited and only permitted when the ball is not in play or after a made basket.
• Games will be played to 15 points or until the 20 minute time limit is up.
• Scoring: 2 points outside the 3 point arc and 1 point inside the 3 point arc. Free throws are also worth 1 point.
• All games tied at the end of the 20 minute time limit will play a sudden-death overtime with the first team scoring declared the winner. A coin flip will determine the possession for sudden death.
• Any foul committed as time runs out will result in one more possession for the team fouled if the outcome of the game will be affected.
• A free throw is awarded to the fouled player on and after the 12th team foul. Fouls will be recorded by the court supervisor.
• The court supervisor has the authority to call flagrant or intentional fouls which will result in a free throw plus possession of the ball. The court supervisor also has the authority to remove any player, coach, parent, and/or team from the tournament.
• Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will not be tolerated!
• Supervisors of each court will officiate games calling fouls and violations and settle any disputes and to control the game. The court supervisor’s decisions on all disputes will be final!
• All games will be officiated by the court supervisor.
• If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and makes the basket, the basket counts and the ball changes possession.
• A double elimination tournament format will be followed, except for the championship game where the winner takes all.
• Game time is forfeit time. Warm up is allowed accordingly. Games will start on time unless previous game ran late. All efforts will be made to keep games on time.
• A coin flip will determine the possession at the start of each game.
• Games will be half court. Ball must be taken back behind the 3 point arc on each change of possession. Failure to do so will result in the loss of possession or loss of points from that possession. Taking it back means both feet and the ball behind the 3 point arc.
• Each team is allowed two 30 – second timeouts.
• The ball must be “checked” by a player of the opposite team before being passed into play.
• All dead balls and balls that go out of bounds will be brought in at the “top” of the court to resume play. Play shall be resumed when the ball is passed in.
• Alternate possession will be used on all jump balls.
• All 8 & Under divisions will play on an 8’6’’ baskets.


• Trophies will be given out to the CHAMPIONS in each division.


• Teams are responsible for registering 1 hour prior to the time of their first game.
• Please check the tournament board at each table to find out game times.
• Schedules & brackets will be available at the Team Check-In Table on the day of the tournament.


• Every effort will be made to play all games outside. Tournament officials have the right to delay, cancel, and/or move games to the gymnasium at Bishop Kearney due to inclement weather.


• No refunds will be given out.