Bishop Kearney & St. Kateri

Bishop Kearney Announces the Addition of Sixth-Grade Programming
Coalition for Catholic Education Formed Between Kearney and St Kateri School

ROCHESTER, NY (October 22, 2014) – Bishop Kearney High School, a Golisano Education Partner, announced today that the School will expand its Middle School to include Sixth-Grade beginning September, 2015.

Additionally, Bishop Kearney and St. Kateri School are pleased to offer the Coalition for Catholic Education—a unique partnership for students from Pre-K to Grade twelve in a unified continuum. Students will attend Pre-K to Grade five at St. Kateri School and then have the option to seamlessly continue their education down the street at Bishop Kearney for Grades Six through Twelve. St. Kateri will no longer offer Sixth-Grade beginning in the 2015-16 academic year.

“We welcome new Sixth-Grade students from St. Kateri and other area schools,” Bishop Kearney President Thomas O’Neil said. “Students in the Sixth-Grade have much more in common with other middle school students. Now, Sixth-Graders can make a smooth transition into a school designed around Catholic values and 21st Century skill readiness—which is so valuable in preparation for college and very competitive job market.”

“We looked, with our neighbour right down Kings Highway, at what would be best for our students, added Father Paul English, St Kateri Pastor. “Parents ultimately have a choice but, we believe Kearney offers unique advantages through their commitment to faith-based education, an innovative college-preparatory curriculum and special activities designed for middle school students.”

St Kateri will collaborate with Bishop Kearney on a curriculum that best prepares students for academic challenges in an innovative college preparatory setting. St Kateri will focus on early childhood education from Kindergarten preparation up through fifth-grade—putting resources into younger students who learn at their own pace augmented with classes from art to advanced math and science. Bishop Kearney will continue this curriculum focusing on Sixth through Twelfth-Grade students who need college preparatory skills, technology training, faith-based education and specialized classes including Advanced Placement subjects, public speaking and an electronic portfolio of accomplishments which accompanies them to their college of choice.

The new Sixth-Grade at Kearney will be a self-contained wing as part of a middle school model with the seventh and eighth grades. The students will share in the benefits of the Golisano Partnership which includes an innovative college preparatory curriculum based on input from Mr. Golisano as well as top college presidents and business leaders. New Sixth-Graders will join a more than 50 year tradition of faith-based learning, monthly liturgy services, energizing school spirit events, and a professional dress code— all housed in a safe, suburban learning environment on Kings Highway.
Bishop Kearney will offer a special Sixth-Grade open house at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, November 3 to interested families. Parents can also contact Fred Tillinghast, director of admissions, at 585-342-4000, ext. 246.
About Bishop Kearney High School
Bishop Kearney High School, a Golisano Education Partner (, is a private, Roman Catholic; co-educational school located in Irondequoit, N.Y., The school currently educates students in grades six through twelve. It is nationally recognized for providing a quality college preparatory program in a values-based family