College Athletic Scholarship Signing

On Wednesday May 7th at Bishop Kearney High School, seniors Sheila Hawkes and Tyler Hughey- Kirton signed their letters of intent for athletic scholarships. Sheila will be attending Monroe Community College on full scholarship for basketball. Tyler will be attending Eastern Arizona College for football. These are both Division 1 Junior Colleges.
Sheila and Tyler have both participated in a variety of sports while at Kearney, while maintaining the high academic standards set for student athletes. Today, both Sheila and Tyler’s families shared this great moment, along with coaches, faculty, team mates, and administration.
Tyler said, “He wanted to thank God who has given him the abilities and opportunities, his parents who have helped, supported, and invested their time and money into him, Coach Long for the opportunity to play at Bishop Kearney, his team mates who have been there to keep him level headed, and everyone who have been here supporting him from Day 1 at Bishop Kearney.
Both schools are phenomenal colleges and Tyler and Sheila are extremely excited to attend their future schools. One college is not too far from home and the other is miles away. Both students are nervous but feel comfortable with their choices. Sheila said, “I am so excited to be part of an amazing program at MCC. I’m hoping to accomplish many things there, and come back and show my old teammates some of the new things I will soon learn. I will miss Kearney when I graduate. It’s been such a great experience and I believe my Kearney education has prepared me for college. I can’t wait to put my education to the test. Thank you Kearney!”