Construction begins at BK

Bishop Kearney Begins Phase 1 of Construction

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (July 16, 2014) – This week Bishop Kearney High School, a Golisano Education Partner, began construction and renovations of the entire top floor of the building.  This past November school officials announced a partnership with LEGACY Global Sports to offer the first-ever Selects Academy girls’ hockey program in the United States. The program will bring elite youth hockey players from around the world to live and learn at Bishop Kearney while competing in the country’s highest level of girls’ hockey.

To house students participating in the program, Bishop Kearney will be renovating the currently unused third-floor dormitory that previously housed teachers at the school. The dormitories are complete with kitchens, lounge areas and onsite RA space, all of which will be getting a modern upgrade for its new residents. Dormitory renovations are expected to completed by July, 2016.

“We’re excited to be the first school in the country to offer a Selects Academy program for girls,” Bishop Kearney President Thomas O’Neil said. “This unique program gives elite hockey players from around the world, exposure to the high-level academics we offer here at Bishop Kearney, all in a nurturing environment where they can pursue both their academic and athletic dreams.”

Selects Hockey, a division of LEGACY Global Sports, is an internationally acclaimed youth program that gives young athletes from across the globe the opportunity to compete against the best in their sport while also receiving high quality academics. LEGACY Global Sports will recruit players worldwide to participate in the program. Once students are selected and confirmed, Bishop Kearney will house and educate the students and manage implementation of the hockey program.

“The Selects Academy at Bishop Kearney will be the premier hockey academy in the world for girls,” said Selects Girls Hockey Director, Kathy Pippy. “We’re excited to have found such a high-level education partner for this new venture that will help open doors towards future success for youth athletes.”


BK President Tom O’Neil lends a hand in Phase 1 of construction and renovations on the top floor of BK. (July 15, 2015)
Phase 1 of construction and renovations to the top floor of Bishop Kearney. (July 15, 2015)