DO THE RIGHT THING: BK Student Wins Award for Volunteer Work

Zoe Ferraro, an 11th grader from Bishop Kearney High School, won the Do the Right Thing Award. She was honored at a ceremony in downtown Rochester and featured on Channel 10’s evening news.

Zoe Ferraro has volunteered at the holiday food pantry at Our Lady of Americas Church. She has set up fundraising for the March of Dimes. Zoe has also volunteered for Clean Sweep and Greentopia Rochester. Zoe’s vice principal nominated her because of her selfless service to others.

“What we do there, we show inner city kids how to tend gardens and bouquets and fun stuff. Clean Sweep is the same thing,” she says. “Cleaning up Rochester and giving back to our environment because its our home and make it look it presentable and nice to live in.”

 Zoe holds a 91% grade point average. She is also a member of her school’s indoor and outdoor track teams and the cross country team. Zoe performs in the school’s theater program and is a role model for younger students. She truly lives out the Bishop Kearney school motto “Do All Things Well”.