PACE Party

This coming Thursday, May 22, 2014 is the Senior’s last day of classes, and also one of the most memorable nights of the year, PACE party. PACE stands for Parents Against Chemical Excess. This party is given to show student how much fun can be had without drugs and alcohol.
The party begins at 6:30pm at Bishop Kearney. The seniors will check in and receive their PACE party shirt. Around 7:15pm, the students will leave Bishop Kearney and head to the YMCA. After they enjoy the YMCA and all that it has to offer, the students will leave and return to Bishop Kearney around 10:30pm to continue the rest of the party at the school.
The events occurring at Bishop Kearney will include music, games, and slideshow. There will be delicious food, prizes, but more important, time to make memories with friends before they graduate. Thank you to all of the parents who organized this great event!