Photos of the 1st day of Middle School at BK


The first day of middle school (9/11/2015) at Bishop Kearney was an exciting day for the inaugural 6th grade class, as well as the 7th and 8th graders. Below are a few pictures from the first day of school:


7th grade girls7th grade girls all smiles before the 1st Math class


Casey O'Gara 7th grade and Mr. Strauss 1st day of class

Mr. Strauss help 7th grader Casey with his schedule


6th graders music 2015 Sept 11

6th graders eager to answer questions in class


6th grade boys music Sept 2015

6th grade teamwork in action during class


Music 6th grade with Mr. P

Music class with Mr. P.


Middle School Lockers Sept 2015

Middle School lockers during passing time


6th graders music 2015 Sept

Middle school students excited to participate in class


Middle School Locker help from Mrs. P

Ms. Prinzing to the rescue to help with a locker combo in the middle school wing