Senior Anngelica Eshesimua wins national poetry contest

BK student Anngelica Eshesimua’s sestina “Colored Past” has won a national poetry contest sponsored by the Live Poet’s Society of New Jersey. Again, this is a huge accomplishment. Please be sure to congratulate Anngelica on her success!

Here is an excerpt from her winning poem:

An excerpt from my Sestina

Colored Past

Things never stay in the past
That rotten apple, with the black
Spot no longer tempts them. But black
Coal, given pressure with a hint of greed, gives black
Things value. Light! Light up black
Things. That red fire creates smoke. Black.

Not so good girl. Black
Sheep in a pasture. Wool is black
And rough like tempered glass… Black
Be strong, not black hearted. Leave that in the past
Where they who play blackjack with the cards stacked against black.
Just know the dealer was never beaten. They hold the cards, black.

Absorb the light, black
Be full of color, black
For children, make this past
A lovely shade of grey… Let black
Letters stand out on this white page so black
And white stories create life, boy black and girl black.