Senior to Senior Ball

In an annual tradition, seniors at Bishop Kearney and seniors at one local retirement community came together for the Senior to Senior Ball.

Seniors from Bishop Kearney’s National Honors Society traveled to St. Ann’s Community for the event, where they danced, socialized and participated in activities throughout the afternoon.

The event is the culmination of a two-month fundraising effort by the students who raised enough money to purchase carnations and other gifts for each resident.

“My definition of old has really changed,” says Jackie Giacovelli, a senior at Bishop Kearney, “There’s some people who are in their late 90’s, and they are still full of life and energy and they don’t even need to be here, but they are, and it’s so inspiring and I want to like that.”

This was the 23rd annual Senior to Senior Ball. Bishop Kearney is proud to partner with St. Ann’s on inter-generational programming across all grade levels.  The local evening news spotlighted this wonderful tradition: