Service above self at BK

BK students perform thousands of hours of service

At Bishop Kearney, our mission is to develop the mind, body, and heart of every student. While a Bishop Kearney education will develop a student’s intellect and academic talents, we also know that being a Kearney student will empower them with a greater sense of purpose. In essence, every Kearney student throughout the school year is engaged in meaningful opportunities to positively impact those in our society that have been marginalized by poverty and injustice. These experiences allow our students to live their faith and give their time, treasure, and talent to those who are less fortunate.

Bishop Kearney students performed over 5,000 hours of community service in November and December delivering gift baskets, wrapping presents, collecting food/clothing, and donating thousands of items to those in need during the holiday.  These experiences empowered our students to have a greater sense of purpose and it brought happiness and comfort to the poor, sick, elderly, and most fragile members of our community.