Upper School

Upper School

A Bishop Kearney Education better prepares students for the 21st Century

The demands of the 21st century, global job market require each high school student to have a clear idea of what career area he or she will pursue when entering the work force, whether right after post secondary education, or right out of high school.

Our new Major Area of Interest curricular program will allow students to:

  • Take charge of their education
  • Pursue in depth study in an area of choice
  • Learn more about future professions or lifetime skills
  • Explore their individual interests

A Major Area of Interest consists of four (4) credits selected by the student in an area of interest. Our major area of interest offerings will include:

  • Communications
  • The Arts (visual/musical)
  • Business
  • Math, Science & Technology
  • Humanities
  • Cum Laude (**see description below)

All students will begin their MAI with a semester course in computer applications and a semester course in Career Surveys. These courses will be taken as 9th graders and allow students to gain basic digital literacy skills, and explore their interests in a safe, survey course that will help guide them to their Major Area of Interest selection as a sophomore.

Our traditional college preparatory education will be further enhanced by a student’s ability to focus on elective courses that will provide a meaningful connection between high school and the world beyond. No other private school in the area provides an academic program that allows for students to achieve a Major Area of Interest on top of already rigorous Regents requirements.

This program allows us to take another step forward in our goal of providing Bishop Kearney students with a 21st century education that is both real and relevant.

With a one to one laptop program at the high school level our students have access to technologies that allow them to focus on important 21st century skills such as: Digital-Age Literacy, Inventive thinking, Effective Communication, and High Productivity. Our faculty is dedicated to create lessons that organically imbed such skills into their already rigorous curriculum. With a modified block schedule students have more time to become actively engaged in their own learning with a positively impressive success rate.

*** The Cum Laude MAI allows students to focus on a traditional, rigorous, academic path. Cum Laude students are REQUIRED to take three years of a foreign language, at least five Advanced Placement classes, and at least six credits in the major content areas of math, science, social studies, or English, three of which must be at an advanced or honors level.

Bishop Kearney’s College Prep. curriculum exceeds state and national standards (NYS Regents exempt & Common Core exempt). Bishop Kearney’s SAT are scores are consistently 20% higher than the national average. Bishop Kearney has a 100% graduation rate and 100% college placement with the senior class receiving $10-$12 million in college scholarships with recent students committed to Harvard, Yale, Penn, Princeton, and Columbia.

Bishop Kearney Graduation Requirements

Course Credits Regents Credits
English 4 English 4
Religion 4 Religion 4
Social Studies 4 Social Studies 4
Math 3 Math 3
Science 3 Science 3
Foreign Language 3 Foreign Language 2
Health 0.5 Health 0.5
PE  2 PE 2
Art/Music 1 Art 1
Computer Applications 1 Computer Applications 1
Leadership & Career Ethics 1 Leadership & Career Ethics 1
Personal Finance 0.5 Personal Finance 0.5
Sub Total 27 Sub Total 26
Major Area of Interest 4 Major Area of Interest 4
Total 31 Total 30

New York state graduation requirement for all secondary schools is 22 credits.